Part 6: Brother Thane

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dorian, reflecting back to this time, writes in his personal annals.
           ‘Little did I suspect of my father’s motives on what followed his ‘gift’ of the courtesan Sarinah. I will never forget or regret the love I found with Sarinah. That I would live to this time and through that time, the gift of my humanity she gave me through her love. Neither father or I were of heart’s disposition awake to the possibility of such a deep loving experience within relationship as we both know now.’ 245.765 DY.

           The white moons of Regina never seem to move in the sky. They are the two floating spheres of the jumpgate geo-stationary orbital fortress space stations, manning the ramparts of the Archduke of Regina’s home world. Jump drives and the freedom of stellar travel they allow, are the prerogative of the Vihlani Imperial Galactic Navy and Vihlani merchant fleets. All other space travellers are forced to use jumpgate key-drives, only useable between the jumpgates of the planetary systems of the Empire. These jump paths are the ‘Roman roads’ of the Vihlani Imperium. The autobahns of the Goddess of power and her handmaiden; repression.

           The night air simmered with the psychedelic, psychopathic fragrance of the gardens of the Vihlani palace on Regina. The calls of the wondrous creatures of the night echoed in the mind’s eyes of the HiVilany family as they sat, and lounged around the alfresco setting for the evening meal. The moon feast as the Vihlani call it. This custom of dining out in the fresh air, sometimes cooking with a simple metal frame over an open fire, is a traditional Reginian custom, which has been adopted by the ruling HiVilany family ever since the first Archduke and his family settled on Regina.
           The strong spicery bovine smell of the Janton steaks pervaded Dorian’s olfactorial membranes stimulating a mouth watering caress in goluptious anticipation of consumption. With the strong wafts of the steaks and the fragrances of the palace gardens, their scents entwined together on the balmy night air to capture his mood. He could see his father coming late from his office towards the rest of the family gathered around the magnificent gazebo. All were present except Egon, he was still recovering from his wounds, both physical and mental. Dorian could sense a particular jocund aura from his father’s bearing, he was pleased with himself. “That could cut both ways in the machinations of life with father, ” Dorian reflected. But it still pleased him to see his father so.
           “My family, well be our meeting at meal time at the rising of the three moons, ” said Luthur in the manner of the traditional Vihlani greeting to all assembled with a broad grin on his face.
           “We all welcome our father, my husband, my beloved, ” replied Larrienne, also in the Vihlani traditional manner, genuinely pleased to see her husband in such good cheer. Luthur came to Somare and briefly held and caressed her face, giving her a brief but special smile, but swept on past her and lay down along side Larrienne who was reclined on the lush carpet of grass. Dorian chuckled to himself as he observed the unhidden but silent pique that crossed Somare’s face at this display of affection by Luthur for Larrienne. Thane looked straight at Somare, unbridled triumph all over his face and then towards Dorian to share the moment. Dorian smiled back in acknowledgment. He remembered when Somare had been brought into the household. She had been in origin one of the outrageously expensive courtesans that some Vihlani males, like Luthur, collected like vintage wines. She had done very well indeed, quickly becoming Luthur’s favourite and eventually his second wife.

           “My beloved, how are the fortunes of power under your firm embrace, ” Larrienne flirted with Luthur as he firmly embraced her as she lay inviting his intimacy. Theirs had always been a deep bond, though they rarely openly acknowledged it, even to each other.
           “If my fortune had been as when we have bonded, then an Emperor and Empress’s fate would be but the first step, ” whispered Luthur, nuzzling Larrienne’s ear. Luthur could pour it on with the best of the ‘Don Juan’s’. However, it was nearly impossible to distinguish between his toying, his premeditation, and his intent of sincerity.
           “And to be your Empress has how I have lived with sire...” Larrienne gently touched Luthur with the tips of her fingers on the side of his neck, stimulating a sensual energy along his body-energy meridians. Such skill of body lifeforce and sensual touch being natural to the Vihlani race from eons past. Too often all this deep sensual knowledge was dissipated or abused in simple sexual pleasure and manipulation than loving and sharing.
           Luthur was quite overcome enough to be completely distracted and his mind was pleasurably vacant of thoughts-a rare occurrence. Somare ground her teeth and displayed a pout that would intimidate a supermodel off her catwalk.

           “Brother Dorian, ” with a hint of competitive affection Thane often addressed to Dorian. “Our BHP directors meeting went well. Father and I approved the new infrastructure investment. We will soon overtake Imperial Mining in volume of ore alone, next temporal.” Belter Holdings Proprietary, BHP for short, was the HiVilany family’s massive corporate conglomerate, originally an asteroid mining company, now the second biggest corporation in the Vihlani Imperium. It had been built up by Luthur’s superlative drive and ruthless management skills as the main financial base of his family’s tremendous wealth. It had a myriad of diverse companies doing business in a myriad of product markets.
           “I am sure father heeds the enlightened advice and guidance of his youngest son in his growing dotage, ” Dorian countered, beaming back a playful smirk. “His chairman’s seat is already automatically adjusting to its new master. I can hear the servo-motors adjusting to the comfort of the new master Thane...Oh! Can the headrest be wide enough! Might have to fit a larger one to contain the new masters Thane’s head.” Thane and Dorian irrupted in true shared brotherly laughter. Maris, seated on the couch beside Thane, hesitated, then judging the laughter genuine, joined in the laughter, abet more subdued, carefully watching the two brothers. She found their bond intriguing for its lack of normal sibling rivalry, often venomous, normally commonplace in the high families. Dorian and Egon being a prime example. Fratricide was just another event in the path to power.
           Mirien was dutifully supervising the servitors preparing the meal. She had overheard all that had been said and was feeling deep comfort at the love her family was displaying. This is how she longed for it to remain and cared for them all - more than they reciprocated or understood. Her aura glowed outwards an inner light that eclipsed the gentle sensuous glimmer of the garden lights reflecting off the luminescent surfaces of the gazebo.

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